Saturday, January 7, 2012

One More Christmas Story

One of this blog's readers shared this story by email. I asked if I could re-post. I think it is important for liberal Christians, agnostics, and atheists to know that the conservative church is not a monolithic block -- and it is equally important for conservative Christians to know that they can "let their hearts lead" while staying true to their faith.

Here is her story:

" sister is married to a Baptist minister. The church they are currently serving is allied with both the Southern Baptists and The Cooperative Baptists. Recently their son, my nephew came out as gay. He is currently living in the Toronto area with his partner. I have been impressed with the way my sister and her husband have made the difficult transition to accepting this aspect of their son. My sister is coming along faster than my brother-in-law. She lets her heart lead. They just celebrated a wonderful Christmas with their son and his partner and have affirmed their unconditional love for them. Their church is supportive - the leadership knows and they are not making a deal out of it. Just thought I would pass this along. They have come a long way."