Monday, August 10, 2009

Where I'm At

Ok, so this isn't a real blog post.

It's more sort of a placeholder blog post...

I've actually had several ideas for things I have wanted to write about about over the last few months (everything from the Jon and Kate fiasco to Karen Armstrong's excellent memoir about her life as an ex-nun, The Spiral Staircase) but I simply have not had the time.

The reason is that my web design business has been keeping me quite busy -- which is a very good thing! In a few more months, I hope to be able to again take time to focus on revising and rewriting Southern Cross. But aside from work constraints, I think it's a good thing for me to take some time before returning to the project. I moved to Massachusetts from North Carolina a year ago, and my life has been in transition for the better part of two years. The dust is only just now beginning to settle -- from the move, from the divorce, from the economic downturn, from a serious illness, from everything else.

When I tried revising the book this spring, it was simply too early. It felt raw and painful. More importantly, I didn't know yet what I wanted to say. I am closer now, but not all the way there.

I will get, there, though -- I am too dang stubborn to give up. In the meantime, please email me if you would like to read a copy of the manuscript -- I welcome feedback and would post the whole thing up on the Internet if that didn't put my copyright in danger.

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog for your encouragement, comments, and support.