Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter from an Egg Thief

Ok... so Easter Sunday 2009 didn't get off to such a great start.

I was just getting ready to go to church when a neighbor came up and knocked on my door to tell me that my dog had pulled her trolley loose. The hook had held for eight months, screwed into my back door frame, and it had to come loose today. Still have no idea how I'm going to fix it.

Luckily, my dog was ok, so after giving her a brief walk, I drove over to St. James Episcopal Church in Greenfield. After I parked my car, I saw a grey-haired woman with a cane walking toward me on the sidewalk. In the true Easter spirit of things, I decided to smile and wish her a hearty "Good morning!"

She gave me the finger.

Not deterred, oozing with Christian charity, I tried talking to her a second time. "I hope your day gets better from here."

"Piss off!" she yelled, flipping me the dirty bird once more.

I don't think she was headed to church anywhere. I imagined her frustrated with all the smug, smiling families going to church in their Easter hats and dresses. Come to think of it, I could empathize. Still never know quite which side I'm on.

A few steps later, I found a painted egg on the ground in front of somebody's house. It was a blown egg, meaning that the insides had been sucked out and it would last indefinitely. I didn't see any more like it, and concluded it must have been dropped or overlooked in an earlier egg hunt. I liked it for its colors (different from the normal Easter pastels) and the way that the blowhole resembled a tiny eye. I suppose the proper thing would have been to let it lie where it was, or else give it to some cute child after the service, but that's not what I did.

Morality and religion, these are open to debate. Beauty is worth stealing when you find it.


Barbara Falconer Newhall said...

Dear Egg Thief and Good Little Church Girl: You stole the egg -- but then you shared it. So, like it or not, your good girl status is intact.

Barbara Falconer Newhall said...

Tess, On second thought, I am blown away by the fact that beauty is such a big deal to you. My post for today -- and this is a big coincidence, honest -- is all about beauty. I mention you and quote you. Hope that's okay. I'm new to blogging and am not sure of the ettiquette/ethics of it all. So let me know.

HN said...

I would consider the lovely egg as a special Easter gift from God. It was "allowed" to be dropped by some child, in order to bring a light into your Easter morning, after the nasty encounter with the gray-haired woman. You are God's child! I recall an Easter Service, as a young mother, when a few women were harshly critical of my 1-year old toddler for not being toilet trained. Later that week, after my "hazing" I went outside, feeling crushed, & saw a rainbow in a clear sky. I felt that God was showing me some beauty as comfort, for their unfair actions. Have others noticed how special things often come when one is in emotional need? - a lovely flower in a vacant lot, an exquisite butterfly, a poignant song, or a friend's phone call. HN