Monday, April 14, 2008

Gravity and Grace

Not sure yet if I can get to this documentary tomorrow night, but I really want to.

Unoccupied Zone:
The Impossible Life of Simone Weil

"Simone Weil was one of the most compelling and contradictory spiritual thinkers of our times. A pacifist who fought in the Spanish Civil War, a former Marxist who discovered the value in religion, a Jew and a Christian who refused to be baptized..."

by Cathy Crane

April 15, 2008

Knight Gallery
Tickets at the door
$5/TLF members

I first read about the life of Simone Weil in Hermenaut several years ago. Hers is a fascinating story... really points out the tragic dimensions of trying to live out the courage of your convictions.

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