Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Purple State

Ok, so this I definitely want to see...
Purple State of Mind

It's a conversation between two old friends, college roommates at Davidson in the 80s, one of whom gradually embraced Christianity, while the other eventually came to reject it.

From the Christianity Today review:

"For Marks [the atheist], embracing hell, should it exist, is a moral choice. When asked about his reaction to the judgment seat, he says, 'Why in hell should I allow you, who have been the head of a church that has persecuted and killed untold numbers of people, make me answer that question? The only moral choice I have, based upon what your son taught, is to say no, I will not believe. You, the God of this story, do not have the right to ask that question of me.'

Marks's vitriol is not based on liberal texts or atheist playbooks. While working as a reporter in the Balkans, he witnessed firsthand the atrocities of which humankind is capable. He saw with his own eyes a situation in which a religious war of words became a war of all-too-real bullets and bombs."

Screening in Charlotte in NoDa next Thursday, 3/27. Discussion with the filmmaker to follow.

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Steve K. said...


It was great to meet you and have you participate in the "Purple State" screening. Thanks for asking good questions. Now that I've found your blog here, I'll try to keep up with you!

Steve K.