Sunday, October 3, 2010

It Gets Better

I haven't had time over the last few months to post a lot in this blog, but this was one topic I couldn't overlook.

If you are a conservative anti-gay Christian, please watch this video. It could change the way you think.

If you are a gay, lesbian, or transgendered teen or young adult struggling with thoughts of suicide - in part because you are being told by the religion you grew up in that being who you are is wrong and sinful - please watch this video - and more from Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project. It could save your life.

Full disclosure: my little sister is gay. This is not an issue I can be neutral about. If you put her down, I am going to want to kick your ass. Apologies if that is not a very Christian sentiment.

Living in Massachusetts, where gay marriage is legal and honestly, Not That Big a Deal, it is easy to forget what it's like to live surrounded by institutional church-sponsored homophobia. It's easy to write off all bigots as stupid and ignorant, and thus assume they would have no power over somebody able to think for themselves. Except when those bigots are your parents, your youth group leader, your teacher, or your therapist, they have a tremendous amount of power.

I heard plenty of horror stories while researching Southern Cross, and if I hadn't found a faith community with the opposite set of values, there is no way I could have stayed a Christian in the South. By grace and luck, I found Christians who were warm, empathic, tolerant, welcoming -- and eager to welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered folk as full and honored members of their community.

Off to church now...

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