Friday, September 12, 2008

The Right Place at the Right Time

Ok, so one of the things I am most hesitant to do on this forum is to name or categorize my beliefs. Partly that's because they're a bit of a moving target, but the main reason is because the whole point of Southern Cross is to share conversations with people holding radically opposing views.

I'd rather leave readers free to draw their own conclusions. Bias is inevitable, but I try to fight against it.

I will say this. I believe in belief. This year has put me through some incredible ups and downs. And I don't think that's going to stop, as much as I feel at home and at rest here in Greenfield. This past week was a rough one, though I won't go into details here.

I have found that having faith that some protective force is looking out for me is incredibly liberating. I've had some spectacularly bad luck, and some spectacularly good luck. Me finding this house, for instance, was a classic instance of being in the right place at the right time.

Does that prove that a Higher Power was looking out for me? Of course not. But it certainly doesn't disprove it. So, faced with two equal and opposing alternatives, I choose to tip the balance toward optimism and against fear.


Steve K. said...

Glad to hear you're keeping the faith, Tess! We miss you here in Charlotte, but it's fun to have another friend up in western Mass. Did I tell you that my wife and I used to live in Northampton? Beautiful part of the country up there.

Steve K.

Anonymous said...

Works for me too!!!